Towards the age of 14 years

During my life, I have had many episodes that make me ridicule myself. Raised by many women's hands from a young age my character will generally become accustomed and more open to being female friends.

I well remember when I was almost nothing when I was playing cooking with the little girl of my more experienced cousin, I was approached by one of my family members and she advised me "Play with the young men". Just like the different articulations that put him as a man it's not normal for me to befriend women to the extreme.

Men should also be friends with men, make the most of their time and play. It caused me to grow up with questions about self-esteem and somehow. All things considered! I actually don't like investing energy with my male friends, don't like hanging out in meetings, don't care about the discussions they have, don't care about the tendencies to mostly threaten me, nor do I try to fight when I'm being tormented and at worst! I get annoyed effectively when I spend time with male friends. Have you ever talked about yourself, As?

How commendable do you think you are?

How good do you think you are?

How wrong do you think?

What are you doing accordingly?

Is there a big problem with you?

There are times when I ask, why am I invested in things that make me feel ashamed, as if I were weak and vulnerable. The things that cause me to feel hurt at the ridicule of my peers, and shame towards myself, because I have been offended and hurt, I belittle myself.

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I need to keep imagining that I am not angry because my environmental factors mock each other. Being a person who never retaliates, makes me regularly a source of ridicule. My courage became difficult to develop, I never felt that I had any value or qualities as a man.

Self-hatred clearly arises from the social development of how a person should be known as a man. Running a business must be sincere that meets the social development guidelines in my place, often interpreted as having strength as a mental fortitude, to act for example being a substitute who can fight against an educator, the ability to wrestle with friends, boo, dominate a jerk or corner and change someone becomes the material for jokes or the most important thing is not to mess with female friends.

Where I grew up shaped my troubles with myself which made me think, I can't act like a man, as recent social developments have shown.

My everyday life, which is full of playing and messing around with most of my female friends, makes me think of oddities. Another thing that stuck with me was a very soft heart. I often compare it to sleeping mats, because under the smallest stress from the outside I would immediately sink completely contracted.

For the most part, my life is filled with anger that is restrained and collected in the light, the fact that I am trying to cover it up. Returning to social development, I may be forced to cover up the things that men think are inappropriate for men to do and feel. At the age of 14, I finally felt my first anxiety.

It's terrible, it allows the way I see the world to change right away. The quick version that I insulted myself no matter what the people around me. I panicked at the crowd which made me feel awkward acting naturally. Like I reproached them for what caused me to feel bad continuously hard to grow, no doubt when my life was my own duty.