Patience In Trials


Patience is resistance to suffering or something that is displeased with sincerity and pleasure and submits oneself to Allah SWT. And it is not called patience, people are forced to hold back, but true patience is patience in the sense of submitting to God gracefully.

We as servants of Allah, cannot be separated from tests and trials, this is evidence of God's love for His servants, these trials and tests can be in the form of calamity or pleasure, but what we will talk about in this title is patience, so this is related to the test and trials from Allah in the form of calamities. Both calamities that befell us personally and calamities that befell groups of people or calamities that befell the nation and state.

Of all kinds of sufferings and disasters, as a believer we are required to be patient so that we do not fall into humiliation and destruction. Patience is part of the main morals needed by a believer in facing world problems and religious problems.

Today is ours. Take advantage of your best to do to achieve the happiness of life and to do good deeds in order to reach heaven in the hereafter.

Humans who are all successful are those who have inner and outer happiness and peace. Those who have a balanced life, in this world are fortunate and in the hereafter get true happiness.

The secret to achieving these two things, we must take the path of ma'rifat (the path of wise people). People who are ma'rifat are those with big souls. They are able to turn failure into success, able to turn difficulties into ease, able to turn sadness into happiness, able to turn pain into pleasure and so on.

Hopefully by diligently reading useful things, we will become human beings who are meaningful to others and are noble in front of Allah SWT. Get used to the culture of reading by looking for useful Pages, then it is as if we get extraordinary energy to get up and be excited. Rise up and fight for life and motivated to do good.

Patience is indeed difficult to carry out except for people who really believe that with that patience they will be able to carry out the trials and trials of Allah well. Allah SWT. said in Al-Quran surah Al-Baqarah verse 45 which means:

"And ask for help (to Allah) patiently and pray. And indeed that is really hard, except for those who are special."