Facing Yourself

Facing Yourself

There was consistently a question in my mind, arising from the growing ridicule. For what reason were all those people screaming at each other? For what reason could they say that seriously? For what reason would they say they were so cruel when they talked about someone? For what reasons do my colleagues like to make other people's feelings awkward? For what reason do they need to fight in the comments segment? Why?

Of course in the discussions that take place in the bistro there will still be individuals who agree with me and belittle the individuals I complain about. Obviously many may even say "You believe that is very extreme." life that must go on always.

There are times when I appreciate everything at a languid pace like wandering through a fantasy land. It is at times like these that I can see that many people are angry. Seeing this angry person made me look in the mirror and look at myself years earlier.

They make up for lost time in the big mistake of mutual chaos and get caught in the vortex of not knowing what to do. This is where my advantage in examining human feelings develops. This premium caused me to think about how to parse the reasons for human response, because of everything. The self-mockery this time ended, for my failure to tackle it into something that could be more helpful and appreciated, or examined more carefully.

Mistakes due to frustration and disgust make humans often not realize that it is compost that can actually help foster love and dreams for some people. If it could develop, things that would make ridicule would turn out to be like currents of water rushing toward the ocean. Gradually the problem will subside and you will calm down once again.

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