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There are Unreal Objects

 There are Unreal Objects

There are unreal objects that arise in understanding without any temporal determinations. What if for example I imagine a creature half human half horse, the unreal object is not categorized in the present or the past, nor the future.

The bonus is that it doesn't happen in front of a quick understanding, but always doesn't change. I imagine the horse changing, I submit to a pressing external demand, I hold on to the unreal object that I hope for with meager effort.

But from time to time the horse neither changes nor grows old, it exists without time. There is a temptation to share my presence with the horse, as well as the room I was given to a friend as an imagination.

But we will quickly recognize that it will lead to the same error. Of course the understanding that is the place where the horse appears is always emerging. If the horse doesn't show up, he doesn't allow temporal determination.

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