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Non -Moving Objects

 Non -Moving Objects

These objects are always immobile in the face of the ever-changing change of understanding. On the other hand, at the extreme we create objects that disappear more rapidly than they are intertwined with understanding. It is well known that most of our dreams are very short, however drama can last for hours let alone days.

It is not possible to make the play, which is played throughout the whole day, uniform with a flash of insight that envisions the play. We may try to reduce the duration of the dream to understanding by changing the dream story into a flash of imagination.

However, the explanation is very ambiguous.

What is understood here by imagination? Does it mean the understanding of the imagination or the object in the imagination.

What if that means the imaginative understanding is clear that it cannot flow any faster or more slowly than can be argued is only that the imagination fulfills its absolute duration and that it is this fullness that does measure that duration.

In what context can we really say imaginative object as something more rapid change?

But we're not here sort of in a movie theater where the non-twisting twists and turns that are faster than the film give off a sense of throwback.

On the contrary, objects disappear more slowly than real understanding, because understanding really lives for a few seconds while the unreal world lasts for only a few hours.

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