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Incredibly Fast Imaginative Flow

Incredibly Fast Imaginative Flow

The very flash of imagination does not have time to create the impression of a very deep duration, if the flow is intended at the time of understanding.

The error contained here stems from the identification of imagination and understanding which gives rise to the notion that a very rapid change of imagination is a very rapid change of a conscious process and hypothetically because because the sleeper is disconnected from the outside world any attempt at comparison fails it is believed that different contents are provided for those relationships.

This thought which is connected with the principle of faith and all its opposite consequences must be abandoned.

There is no point in denying that an unreal object is composed of several fragmented scenes that I imagine of some logically related totality. Because we don't mean to say anything else. Of course I imagine that these scenes have a very long duration.

Therefore we must recognize the phenomenon of belief in a positional action. In duration the unreal objects are strictly correlative of this action of belief.

I believe that these truncated scenes mix themselves together to form a logically coherent whole, that is, I believe that I mix past scenes with genuine intentions accompanied by positional actions.

However, I'm absolutely sure that together, these scenes last for several hours. Thus, the duration of the object as the imagination is correlatively transcendent of a special positional action and its impact on the functioning and unreality of the objects.

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