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He is a living being

 He is a living being

We don't mean to say that friends themselves are not genuine. He was a living being with bones and tissues, which was now in his room. The inventive expectations that capture them are equally genuine, as are the exciting moving analogues energize by the purpose. Nor can it be expected that there are two friends.

A true friend lives here and a wonderful friend who is the correlative of my true consciousness. The only friends I know and imagine are real friends, real friends living in real rooms here. Therefore, it is the companion whom I raise and who appears before me.

After all, he didn't appear before me here. He's not in the room I'm sitting in for him right now. He appeared to me in his original room, in the room he was actually in. After all, all things considered, one could say that he was currently unbelievable.

Need to make ourselves

We need to make ourselves clear that the companion and the room are genuine for what it's worth here, very close to where I am right now, for now not somewhere out there that seems to me right now. Despite the fact that I thought in conveying the image of my friend. It's really terrible he's not here, that doesn't mean that I made a qualification between fantastic friends and network and bone friends.
There is only one companion and he is actually a companion who is not here, not here is his basic quality, companion at first glance appears to me as a companion on the road who will become a lost companion. Without this companion, the non-appearance that I see firsthand, which frames the basic construction of my drawing, is actually the subtlety that colors the image totally and this is what we call the illusion.

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