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Current Difficult Situation

 On this occasion I will write down what I am feeling at this moment, today, this week, this month, this year.

If fellow readers want to know what I will write, then continue reading, and if you are lazy to read it or feel the article is useless, just skip it.

I apologize in advance! Because I know in this world there are many linguists. Therefore, if the language I use is not good or not good or even bad, please understand, it is with a great heart, readers, please clarify my language and let me know so that I can use good and correct language.

Current Difficult Situation

At this moment I am really faced with a difficult situation. Starting from work, economy, trust, and others.

  1. Employment: This situation is not usually because my profession as a wealthy trader at this point in sales is really declining. Even though I've been trying to add more & more merchandise, even I have to add capital for my merchandise. However, what I sell is not what it used to be. Rules by increasing the selling capital can sell well again and increase profits, of course.
  2. Economy: With less customers from the sale is very influential with income. As a result, my family's economy slumped and was shaken, while needs continued as usual.
  3. Trust: Due to lack of money to provide for my family, the impact of trust can also be reduced. An example of family trust can be reduced to me because I lack to meet the needs of the family in terms of kitchen needs.

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