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This stems from the examination of intermediate cases, i.e. cases in which the unreal duration of the object and the intangible duration of understanding disappear in parallel and with the same rhythm. I can take 10 minutes to imagine a scene that lasts 10 minutes.

However, it seems childish if we think that because it took so much time, the scene would have been appropriately more detailed. The time I spent reconstructing the scene was a bit problematic.

What is the problem is the determination of the unreal duration that I share in the scene.There is a kind of absence of time as well as the absence of place. In the end, the time of an unreal scene that exactly duplicates an actual scene that is taking place at this time is always an unreal time.

What if while my friend pours his own coffee behind me, I imagine that he is pouring his own drink at this moment, the 2 events that are real and those that are not real are not uniform.

On the one hand we have elements of real understanding and movement of a friend that coincide and on the other hand we have the presence of intangible movements. There is no simultaneity between these two events. The description of the occurrence of one is uniform with the deletion of the other.

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