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Towards Divine Makrifat

Towards Divine Makrifat

Makrifat is the establishment where Islam is generally founded. Without this information all demonstrations of love in Islam or Islam have no innate value. This is because in such circumstances the individual loses his soul. (Sorry my English is very bad)

What is the estimate of a soulless good cause?

How do we know God?

What methods should be taken to get to makrifat?

Questions like these must be answered because if we don't have a clue how to do it, we will not achieve the goals we need. Perspectives about unbelievers in this way. Many people at different times get in the way of the structure to get the pleasure of Allah, because they cannot detect His reality by their ability, because they think that the best approach to knowing everything is in that understanding.

In this way they blame those who believe in God, as an accusation of shocking hallucinations is being a different, informal intellectual pain that unbelievers tend to commit to their adherents.

By reason of individuals who receive God not in a real way. Those who say that they accept what their senses can see are censured by the reality and material in which they live i.e. they have faith in the force of gravity and its laws even though they do not see the reality, that might be said.

They believe in the existence of reason despite the fact that they do not see its structure, only see its results.

They believe in the presence of magnets because seeing the attractive attraction, namely one iron to another, does not really pay attention to the interesting factors in it.

They place the stock in the electron neutron despite the fact that they don't see the electron and the neutron.

All these things show that they pay attention to various things that have never been resolved by their faculty. Their unquestionable convictions are conveyed exclusively after they have seen the impact or power arising from the things they believe in to exist.

This shows clearly that the amount of what they hold to exist is basically shown by their possessions not because they perceive matter with their ability.

The celestial bodies are not the faculties which introduce them to them whereas the senses are the instruments which provide the means of examination for reasoning, so as to decide their judgment.

However, without clear reasoning this exploration cannot be carried out and it is clear that there is no further information that can be conveyed in the agreement, the faculty often gives us the picture and the reason is that we only know the real reality.

For example, a stick that is immersed in water will appear to be bowed down. The lumped line of the good will appear off the mark. The white number appears larger than the other shaded numbers. We usually feel that we walk with our heads held high even though we are at the north / south pole or the equator.

Each of these realities clearly reveals to us that without the help of reason our faculty will present untrue images, not truths and without reason we will be without information. Is it accurate to say that they are right when they limit all information to the faculty path as it is.

Are they consistent with themselves when they reject faith in God, given the fact that they will not achieve it within their ability. This happens despite the fact that they accept many things that they otherwise cannot see with their abilities and only see their things. This is the most famous reality known to man.

Until a gadget was invented that could recognize the existence of some visible structure didn't it already exist today.

Consequently, is the rejection of their presence before the disclosure of the identification gadget logical?

Besides, are they all logical realities discovered by the faculty or instruments?

Aren't numerical realities and the various realities of the universe attainable only by reason and the relation of goals to premises?

Besides, doesn't every problem require an excellent gadget accordingly?

Isn't proportionality enough for them to come to God?

If they show concern we will welcome them to chat with their hearts and we will explain how people who have the inner voice of Ahlul Qulub / who are clean can attain makrifat with their souls, with a degree of genuine makrifat which is unique dzauqiyah makrifat power using all means .

However their hearts don't believe so we choose not to talk to them with hearts and minds, because they never got it. What is meant by that heart is none other than the material heart which they know after all it is another heart focused in the heart.

Some unacceptable understanding of the method of double dealing with God at different times is perhaps the best component that keeps many people away from a substantial way of believing in God even though such misconceptions are obvious.

The sane rule says that God made this matter makes no difference to himself because the problem of not being able to make matter If the peak of sense-fulfillment in this material world is only visible matter guiding their abilities.

They will not attain the birth of seemingly all dialects and gatherings or one of those individuals who have no faith in God, will have to face the confusion of tactile acumen in attaining heavenly information.

Today we hear some people say that because God cannot be seen it means that God does not exist. They finally chose secularism.

Even more incredible we find some countries screaming that like the Soviet Association radio did after they successfully put their first satellite into space.

One response that intrigues nature about this problem is the story that accompanies it at school, a class teacher said to students:

Do you see me? they greet Y.

That means I exist, the instructor said.

Did you see the whiteboard? he asked further and the murud addressed him Y.

Then there is a whiteboard, said the instructor.

Do you see this table? asked further then addressed to him Y.

That means the table is there, the instructor said.

Do you see God? asked again the appropriate response from the student was No.

Therefore God means non-existent, said the educator.

Then a shrewd student stood up and asked:

Did you see our instructor's resourcefulness? they said No.

Hence our instructor's wits do not exist!

This baseless assertion has been held by many who have not acknowledged God's presence since long ago. It is also the result of psychological instability or heart disease not the result of solidly honorable and legitimate contemplation of seeing things.

As a result, individual methods that do not acknowledge God's presence will not lead us to the goal of knowing God. Deciding the path and knowing with the main focus so that we achieve our goals.

The best approach to makrifat is to focus on indications of His strength. This is the best way to achieve makrifat. In addition, the brain and information are fundamental conditions needed by individuals who wish to walk in this way.

For no reason we won't see the signs. Without a soul we will not be aware of who has the mark. Moreover, without information there will be no information.

This expression may seem abnormal to agnostics because they usually call themselves secular, racist, progressive and mastermind, but asserting that no evidence has absolutely no logical value.

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