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Success Must Be Purchased Expensive

Success Must Be Purchased Expensive

Basically everyone has a desire to succeed and it is true that to achieve success it must be paid dearly. It is true that some people are easy to achieve all their dreams, but we should not be jealous of the sustenance and belongings of others who are better, even many people have a super good fate in their lives.

An example of people who are very easy to get success is that they are already successful from birth, not without reason for those who have been successful from birth because they are of noble descent or commonly known as blue blood. But according to Krisyanto, the vocalist of the Jambrud Band, in his song titled Ningrat, which is talking about blue blood, now people laugh.

But what I will write is not discussing blue blood because I don't even understand about it, because I have never felt what it was like to be a blue blooded person. To be honest I have also felt like a blue blood but just a dream hehe. What I will write about is general, namely success must be bought dearly.

Continue. . . ! Eh friend, before continuing, how is the news of sadayana (Sundanese) friends, which means how are all of you friends? Hopefully it will always be protected by God and still be given the trust of God belonging, sustenance and health. I myself and my family are in good health even though the conditions are clean.

Can I joke my friend?

If you please this is the joke I mean about clean bags.

If our yard is clean very good, if our floor is shining very okay, if our teeth are clean, it's good to wear clean. The point is related to cleanliness means that we are healthy and happy.

What cleanliness do you think is unpleasant, please answer. . ?

These are the parts of hygiene that I don't like, they include:

Clean table. If our table is clean what do we want to eat and what do we want to drink? So it's better if the table is dirty full of food and drinks as well as clothes pockets, pants pockets, it's better to get dirty with paper trash $ ,.

But what happens is that the clothes are clean, the body is clean, the teeth are clean, why are the bags clean too.

That's all a joke from my friend, hope it can entertain the readers! Okay continue!

Weleh, I am excited to continue his article, which is about success, it must be bought expensive why the cigarettes and coffee are clean too! Is it because I joke about cleanliness huh?

So, if my fellow readers want to move sites or want to eat first, lie down first, go ahead, because I also want to owe coffee and cigarettes in the neighboring stall.

I got a cigarette and coffee for 1 hour from a neighboring shop and was immediately paid a debt hehee. . . So friends, don't be close to me, later I will be owed money by me hehehe.

Okay we continue when the title of success must be bought dearly. But before continuing the topic of discussion, let friends wait for a while because the coffee I just got by borrowing from the shop next to the house I haven't made, so I just need to stay for a while to make coffee first so the getik is a little good.

5 minutes have passed and I have already made the coffee and now the hot coffee is beside me. Are you still willing to continue reading my messy doodle? Okay here we go!

Success must be purchased at a high price, why?

Because to achieve success, nothing is instantaneous, so it takes a struggle to face it seriously to achieve it, while from this seriousness, we shouldn't be wrong in facing seriousness.

The point is that it is so serious because of a very high desire to achieve success, what else is determined to be successful, it is very true, but don't get it wrong to live this seriousness.

Because if we are wrong in carrying out the seriousness the impact will worsen because we are wrong in carrying out that seriousness.

What is wrong with a serious attitude?

That is the seriousness faced by a person in a tense manner, because if we are too tense our nerves will get tense too, not only that the confusion will appear, among them from these difficulties are:

Sorry, friends, before I continue, allow me to drink coffee first. Okay, I have been sipping coffee little by little, now I just have to continue writing but later I will burn my cigarette first so later doodle on his computer while enjoying the delicious taste of smoke produced from tobacco.

Cigarettes, there is coffee, even though you can owe them, but there are still people who forget why you didn't owe the cake, right? Let's continue.

Mistakes in dealing with seriousness will arise a sense of fear of not succeeding (failure), if it is so, of course there will be a sense of tension not only that the contents of the head space will be made dizzy because hopeful veins will also be tight due to tension.

Which later will have an impact that leads to a feeling of being full of anxiety, the mind will continue to feel lazy, all of which is due to one in taking seriousness.

Not that it shouldn't be serious. Don't get it wrong to take it seriously to achieve success, but don't get the wrong attitude about the seriousness that we live for. Basically, everyone must have seriousness in achieving life goals.

So how to take the right seriously?

I'll continue later because my head feels a little dizzy, so take a break first!

Do you still want to continue reading? Ready to continue reading.

To be successful, it must be serious and serious, it must be balanced with a calm attitude. Being calm does not mean being calm, don't get me wrong in interpreting calm and calm, the difference is very much like the difference between day and night or dark and light or fire and water.

In essence, success must be bought expensive, so be serious about reaching your dreams with a calm attitude because that calm attitude makes the mind be in accordance with what we can, what we are aiming for, what we need, what we will get later With a calm attitude we are able to know who to ask for help, because no matter what the name of a living person is, they definitely need help from others.

I hope that my scribbles are more or less certainly a lot less than more and a message from me, hopefully it is useful and be calm in facing various obstacles. (Sorry my English is very bad).

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