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God does not acknowledge someone's belief

God does not acknowledge someone's belief

God does not acknowledge someone's belief

God does not acknowledge a person's belief if he does not actually believe in what is in every animal and in His creation, as an indication of God's strength and presence. So recommend that someone can sensitize his sentiment to this issue. Also all people who have not reached a significant level of consciousness with the aim that they are more attentive to think and remember God more. God's power is very clear, in God's creation is clearly visible in all His manifestations and God's insight can be seen without closing- cover up. A heart that cannot see any indication of God contained in anything is actually a dark heart.

God has warned the inhabitants of the earth to contemplate what is in this universe. Nature itself is really attractive in the view of both the individual who does not believe in God and the individual who accepts both, seriously there is no difference for both of them in seeking information. The main difference lies in the use of reason and laws to arrive at something that is behind this universe, likewise there is stagnation of tactile vision without taking advantage of reason and taking it for granted. Despite the fact that there are many verses in the Koran which state that in the universe there are complete documents for those who know, for those who think, there are also those who claim that in the universe there are complete documents for people who are thinking shrewdly which show that making use of the laws of reason is a prerequisite for knowing the part of God.

Hence every great miracle does not turn into our solitary information, Believers and unbelievers alike know this information. Simply put, the important thing is that we clarify everything that happens depending on the valid belief of the reasons and reasons while they reject this understanding without evidence. Like the two planners before the incredibly fine and beautiful structure they both know each side of the building with information from how to plan it to how it was built. Only one of the two guarantees that this structure is initially recognized without a specialist having the information and imaginative power with insight great shrewdness and distinct ability to make these structures happen.

Others have argued sensibly and it has become a proverb that this structure was possible in the presence of a specialist and very capable. The really basic problems are as follows. When the main individual usually checks his judgment he says "I will show for a moment how this structure remains without other people" while direct human explanations show that the longer the time will give more insight into the problem of the building showing us who made it clearer & more right. Eternally the law of speech will never be canceled.

Whenever an insider's fact about nature is revealed it will show the presence of God. The miracle of which we are now examining, the miracle of insight is generally an excellent observer of what we have already referred to. The public will see that in this experience there is insight into expertise so that they will be able to recognize God. Every time someone develops information he broadens his horizons about this intelligence because that information is the beginning of the key to shrewdness. In fact, the adversity that adherents feel today is the cry of individuals who are not confident in science, when making mistakes and saying that people do not know anything.

They then accuse most of today's devotees of skimpy thinking about world science. This is an ideal opportunity for believers to find out about the wonders of life on this planet to start ensuring that more informed developments develop their self-confidence. They say about intelligence that shrewdness is keeping something in touch with nature, insight is something that already exists. in place so that nothing is superior to it now.

That is the truth of nature, everything in it has a certain shrewdness either isolated or grouped / grouped. One will come up with a reality that will clearly say in his words "My condition is like this, which is shown by the most suitable intelligence." Here are some examples of this insight. If no one died, what might happen. If if a pair of spiders and their cubs did not die, within a few years the spiders would accumulate layers around the earth, so that they accumulate over the earth.

It's just the kind of living thing that exists on this planet. Imagine a scenario where all living things bear offspring without death. From here we understand intelligence, suffering, insight into the reasons for disease such as organisms, microscopy, infection etc., There will be people who say that someone says "Wouldn't it be great if someone kicked buckets without getting sick "Or if they die alone with an infection when they are weak it is an extraordinary result" They have lost intelligence, the torments of the intellect of the heart, the heart of intelligence see and the training to get from the truth of life. fill the world, if there were no microorganisms and other influencing factors in changing and eliminating this human "waste".

It is from this that we can understand the kinds of things that people initially perceive as useless. Every now and then that kind of something will help for something different. That's insight. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all living things were so pleasant that no animal would surprise this life. In fact this miracle is high intelligence. The presence of fear is an exercise, with the fear of people becoming aware of advice, which further builds their capacity to avoid the ones they fear. It is enough to become intellect for humans by seeing amazing animals made by Allah with His power. Some people ask, that the offensive has a silver lining is it torture too.

Isn't equity better than cruelty and gentleness more useful than brutality. Faith is superior to skepticism better than ignoring it. Hence what knowledge of the flaws is, while they could be much better. Until they ask for what reason does God make evil? Until they say that the presence of evil on earth is verification that there is no God, because God has to be accepted and something that comes from Him must be accepted. This is it! We love information and intelligence about everything. We'll also ask questions until we know or try to find them.

This does not imply that the information about insight is insufficient to make us think that intelligence does not exist. If you have a question to God "For what reason are you doing it" This question should not be asked. An informed individual would not ask that question, unless the individual was definitely stupid or didn't know God. An individual who knows whether he or she achieved something that relies on information will not be asked by an uninformed individual.

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