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Avoid sensations of the heart and envy

Dear colleague, at this open door I may wish to devise a strategy to avoid the jealousy and desire that lies in our own emotions. 
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Avoid sensations of the heart and envy

Before discussing the subject of auditing, I need to first disclose to you that this is for me as a person. These emotions can be released until we excel. Away from Jealousy. Encouraging Yourself Try not to be less helpful to remember ourselves, if there is someone we can confirm, come and approach him for guidance. Social holes; Jealousy because of social inequality clearly exists, and will thrive if the beliefs around food, marriage, rank and position do not match what we anticipate. Jealousy is also an infection of the heart so it fills up our personality and time. Tabah in facing trials The secret is Ridho of the Terms of God Almighty.

Meaning of Rida to the Terms of God Almighty. Is to accept all events that affect us with a broad chest. Experiencing something to be displeased with. Comparison between willing and steadfast. I have found myself when I have jealousy and envy others. The sensation we are in torment is because our brains are constantly beaten by people we envy. It doesn't have the most vague idea of ​​whether it is valid or not and whether it is appropriate for the reader to make a decision about it. All right, how about we get into the audit subject. To avoid envy and desire, use our time or brain with positive things. Either by exercising, tidying up the house regularly or also other sports that need to make us capable in all fields.

Invest energy in remembering about God. For example love. With respect, not only does it get a gift it also has the option of keeping tabs on the sensation of restriction. Who consistently wants desire and jealousy. After that the allotment of the whip for ourselves. It is our individual whip to make the soul seek purpose and not waste time on useless things. Trust me, the road to progress has not been closed and there is no desire to close. Wash your heart with piles of love and wishes. Try not to allow empty space, because jealousy and jealousy are the points where we have empty space (the purpose of empty space here is our soul and time which is empty / no movement at all).

Hence, fill up our unoccupied personality and time by remembering Almighty God and then do some fruitful practice (positive significance). For respected individuals with greatness in the fields of position, food, marriage and further rank. Sometimes the offset was the side effect of their fighting and hard work. Steadfastness is resistance to suffering or something that is displeased with sincerity and pleasure and submits to Allah SWT. And it is not called steadfastness, people are forced to hold back, but steadfastness is actually steadfast in the meaning of surrendering to God with a broad chest.

We are like servants of Allah, inseparable from tests and trials, this is the fact that Allah loves His servants, these trials and tests can be in the form of disasters or pleasure. However, what we want to talk about in this title is to be steadfast, until this matter relates to the tests and trials of Allah which take the form of disasters. Both disasters that affect us individually or disasters that affect groups of people or disasters that affect the nation and country. From all the various sufferings or calamities to being like a believer, we are required to be steadfast so that we do not fall into humiliation and destruction.

Often times there are errors in interpreting steadfastness. Being steadfast is not giving up when we find a failure before we try our best. People who have ideas are always patient in experiencing various difficulties, which means being patient when facing obstacles and daring to make sacrifices in order to remove things that become obstacles to reaching their goals. He realized that every job and dream could not be achieved and what he wanted to establish was a break in the middle of the line when he encountered one or two obstacles and difficulties. Steadfastness is part of the main morals needed by a believer in experiencing world problems or religious problems. Humans who are successful in everything, are those who have happiness and inner and outer peace.

Those who have a balanced life, in the lucky world and in the hereafter get true happiness. The secret to reaching both of these matters, we must take the marifat path (the path of wise people). People who are wise are those who have great souls. They are able to replace failure into success, able to turn distress into convenience, able to replace sadness into happiness, able to turn pain into pleasure and so on. Hopefully, by actively reading useful things, we will become human beings who are meaningful to others and are noble in front of Allah SWT. Get used to the culture of reading by looking for a useful Garden, so that it is as if we get tremendous energy to get up and be excited. Rise to fight for life and motivated to do good deeds. Patience is indeed difficult to carry out unless it is true people who want to be able to carry out the tests and trials of Allah properly with that patience.

As well as facing it with courage, pleasure and not feeling annoyed or discouraged even when making a living in the rain by driving a Bodol motorbike. Motor Bodol is the language of my village, which means a motorbike that has been damaged, worn out or a motorbike that is no longer fit for use. Let the next tips in experiencing something that a person doesn't like has 2 possibilities, namely being willing or steadfast. Willing is the main character that is endowed, on the other hand steadfast is the behavior that must be done People who are willing can see the wisdom, the good that is in these trials. Moreover, sometimes we can look at the greatness and majesty and perfection of God who has shared our trials with us so that we don't feel pain and grimace at His trials.

People who can act like that are only the marifat experts and mahabbah to Him. Moreover, they can feel that the trials given by Him are like blessings and gifts from Him. The comparison is thin, especially if we don't really master it, so we think it's the same. Willing is tolerant, calm in experiencing Allah's terms and accepting those conditions without any hope of being free from his pain and suffering. On the other hand, being steadfast is holding back and trying to prevent him from feeling angry and irritated and hurt when he feels the pain of being hit by a disaster or disaster, while hoping to Allah that the disaster or disaster will quickly disappear from him. It seems like countless surveys about avoiding heart thrill and envy. Ideally, this is very helpful for readers.

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