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Don't Feel Alone

You know the emotions, as well as the mind in your room at night, when the flow of the two is strong and sometimes misleading, until the mind is drawn to deep sadness and widespread anger, or at once you create enthusiasm for starting new things in your life, as well as an outlet for anxiety. mu, but all that urge often goes away when we wake up in the morning.
Don't Feel Alone

Because of the noise in your head at night, you are overwhelmed to make out of all the restlessness listed to escape from the contents of our own head space. Some of those emotions and thoughts sometimes suddenly randomly, a kind of tiredness, because the whole struggle that knows how long it will end, which makes you want to cry instantly without you really knowing why.

You are just tired, and want to cry, like guilt that keeps repeating itself in your head, because you are questioning whether I have told the truth to my friends, to my boyfriend and family. The feeling of not having enough time to keep shadowing you, because we continue to maintain what we live, has been pretty good for other people. Fairly fun for those close by. A sense of lack that causes you to feel unable to be satisfied with all that you have tried.

All that fatigue piles up and makes you feel lonely. Meanwhile, loneliness actually makes us want to shut ourselves in the room to feel sorry for ourselves, instead it keeps getting worse when we see your friends having fun without you.

When you decide to end locking yourself in, you do whatever it takes to depart from loneliness and boredom, go to have fun with friends and return home sad in the room. Instantly there is a sense of gratitude that makes you want to cry, because you have just been tested wrongly thinking you don't care about anything.

In fact there are many people who bother them doing a lot of things just to help you, going through difficult times even though they don't convey it directly.

Gratitude, because God magically brings you to a meeting with new people, makes you feel like you have a new family, the mixed feelings sometimes make you suffocate, because ignorant minds carry overflowing memories of your anger at someone you really love, until you bring back a sense of satisfaction as well as regret feeling alienated among your own friends, because they feel their conversation has not been a matter that you can enjoy.

You want to go but also don't want to be thought of as stubborn and end up alone, while this feeling often comes from things that we often struggle with in our bosoms, so trapped in our own thoughts, and isolated in assumptions.

Until there is a feeling of wanting to give up on life even though we really can't really give up. There should always be something that blocks our goal from the decision to give up or because of close people, other people, miraculous events or what else is the little belief that is around our minds.

There is a feeling of loneliness that comes not accompanied by a willingness to be accompanied. We end up at a certain coffee shop sitting there for a long time just to steal the stares of the waiter who catches your attention. You just want to be there imagining it all to be different.

It took me a while for me to finish the pleasantries around myself. It takes courage to step back looking from the outside into yourself.

Courage to look at something not only from hurt feelings, feelings of harm, feelings of shame, or a variety of fears, and anxiety only.

But also from the reality that has been eliminated so far, it is demanded to hide. In the process, being a human being is a lifelong job. The individual as a dynamic person continues to develop in the process of growing, even though problems in themselves often go out of the way or lie in a straight line which is gradually boring.

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