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The view for the individual does not recognize God

What is meant by makrifat is the foundation for the foundation of Islam as a whole. Without this knowledge, all acts of worship of a religion or for Islam will not have an essential value, because in this condition the person will lose his spirit.

What is the value of a charity that will not have its spirit?

How do we know God?

What path should we take to get to the path of makrifat?

Such questions must be answered because if we do not know the pathway, we will never arrive at the destination we hoped for.


The view for the individual does not recognize God

Many good people from ancient times to the present have denied the existence of God, arguing that they cannot feel God's existence with their sight.

Their opinion argues that the way to know everything is by sight, for that reason they accuse people who accept the existence of God as an illusory, misguided, occultist, unscientific, mental illness, and other accusations that people utter not accepting God. it exists against the believers.

By reasoning that believers accept the existence of God not by sensory means, they think that they can believe in what their five senses can perceive. In fact, it has been refuted by the material reality in which they live.

For example they believe in the existence of the force of the earth's gravitational force accompanied by its laws, even though they cannot see its existence with their senses.

They believe in the existence of reason, even though they actually do not see its appearance, as if they only see results.

They believe in the existence of a magnetic field, as a result of seeing the presence of a magnetic force that attracts one iron and another, without seeing what factors attract it.

Likewise, they believe in the existence of an electron neutron, even though they have never seen an electron.

All of this shows that in themselves they believe in many things which their senses cannot reach. Their faith without any doubt is generated as if they have seen and the influence or power displayed by all the things that are believed to exist.

This shows very clearly that the many things they believe in, are simply shown to have equal effects, not because they perceive the substance with their senses.

It is not the senses that introduce them to them. The senses are the tools that provide all the tools of assessment to the ratio so that they can determine the judgment, but without the existence of the ratio, of course this research cannot be produced and of course knowledge cannot be produced further, on the pact the senses often provide descriptions wrong with us and with just our minds we will come to know the true facts.

For example, a stick submerged in water will appear bent.

Lines that are placed parallel are seen from a distance that are not parallel.

Numbers that are white will appear larger than other colored numbers.

We feel that we are walking in a head-up state, even though we are at the north pole or at the south pole even on the equator.

All these facts clearly explain to all of us, that if without reason our eyes will be given a wrong picture, it is not true, and without reason we cannot have knowledge.

Are they sure when they limit all knowledge by means of the senses only?

Have they become logical with themselves when they reject belief in God, for reasons they cannot reach with their eyes?

This happens even though they believe in many things that they cannot touch with their senses and only see their effects. These are facts known to all humans.

Before a tool was found that could detect its existence, were there any visible forms that didn't exist yet?

Was their denial against this form before a detector was found to be scientific?

Moreover, regardless of whether all of them are real plausible factors discovered by the personnel or instruments?

Mathematical facts many nominal facts can only be addressed by the ratio of thought and the association of goals with places. Furthermore, does not every problem require specific tools accordingly?

Isn't the set of reason sufficient for them to reach God?

If they had a heart, they would definitely invite them to discuss with their hearts and we would explain how actually people with a conscience can achieve belief in God, with the understanding of their hearts, with the degree of authenticity, to be precise the incontrovertible illumination of dzauqiyah and its strength. with any affirmation.

But their hearts have gone numb, so we choose not to welcome them to speak to their souls, because they never get it. What is meant by heart? obviously not a material heart that they knew, after all it was another heart centered around the heart.

The false impression of the necreasy path to Allah both past and present is perhaps the best component that keeps many people away from the legitimate way of believing in Allah, despite the fact that such a misperception is quite obvious. The sane standard says that if God makes modules, it doesn't make comparisons itself, because problems can't make modules. If the pinnacle of sense attainment in this material world is matter, the individuals who are detected controlling their eyes will not attain nativity.

It seems that all dialects and gatherings or a person, from one who does not believe in God, is obliged to experience confusion about real knowledge, in reaching the heavenly data. Today we hear some people say that because God is invisible to the eye there is no God.

They also ended up opting for agnosticism, more incredibly we find some countries screaming it like Soviet Association radio after they figured out how to put their initial satellites into space.

An interesting normal answer to this problem is the accompanying story in elementary school, an instructor tells his pupil:

Did you guys see the book? they answered Yes. That means books exist, said the teacher.

Next, did you guys see the ballpoint? further questions and murud answered Yes. If so, there is a ballpoint, the teacher said.

Next question, do you see the eraser? then the student answered Yes. That means there is an eraser, said the teacher.

Furthermore, do you see God? asked again the appropriate response from the student was No. It means that there is no God, strictly educators.

Then a smart student asked. Do you guys see our educator's mind? they said, No. Hence our educator's mind does not exist!

This unfounded insight has been held by some who do not acknowledge God's coming, since ancient times. This is also the result of psychological illness or heart disease, not the result of solid, respectful, and fair contemplation in seeing things.

Furthermore, the ordinances of those who do not acknowledge the coming of the Lord, do not want to lead us to the goal of understanding God. Breaking the path and knowing it with the main focus, so that we achieve our goals.

The best approach to makrifat is to focus on the symptoms of His strength. This is the best method for reaching makrifat. Not only that, brains and data are the basic conditions needed by people who want to walk with this method.

Without an alibi we do not wish to perceive the characteristics of the sign. Without a soul we don't want to realize who has the characteristics. Likewise, without data there will be no data that has characteristics. Also without information there will be no information.

This saying may seem unusual for people who do not believe in God, because they usually call themselves secular, progressive, racist and scholar. But guarantees without evidence have absolutely no logical value.

Hopefully some benefit from my poor English.

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