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Thank God even if you only have an old motorbike

Old motor
Thank God even if you only have an old motorbike

A worn-out motorbike is the language of my village, which means a motorbike that has been damaged or a motorbike that is not suitable for use, for fast or long-distance travel, this is all I have. Just be grateful and just enjoy what God has shared with me. Happiness is what I want. This is a battered motorbike that I have.

Wherever I go, it's just this worn out motorbike that I use, because I only have one motorbike, it's just this motorbike that is thankful even though it's a battered motorbike, it's very useful for me, even though it's also worn out I always use it to make a living for myself and family, this is the only motorbike that I drive.

From my activities, I trade around to pick up / take my children to school. Thank God my child at school did not get embarrassed even though he also rode on a worn out motorbike. Am I like that, I am not free from all the limitations that I deserve to be grateful for, all the blessings and gifts of God.

Thank God even if you only have an old motorbike

Life does have its ups and downs. While we all still want a clarity from all kinds of dirt and ugliness. This is the real condition of the world. Surrounded by various pleasures many responsibilities and very sad.

With various kinds of patterns mixed with various dirt and covered with various kinds of fatigue, while we are always in a state of sadness. When we meet a wife and children, friends, and find a job, the house is like a place to live, while the office is like a place to work, so because of the many things that are certain there are those who make trouble for our souls. What else is there that is not good in our lives.

We as human beings must be good at overcoming all evils, with the freshness of goodness, so that we can be safe from God's control, produce life in this world, which consists of two contradictory subjects and two opposing alternatives. For example, there are good and bad, there is evil and glory, there is beauty and ruin, there is sadness and happiness.

Then every time there is goodness, happiness, and beauty, want to continue to increase, and find a beautiful place in heaven. While every form of evil, sorrow, and destruction gather and obtain the role of the heat of hell. Live by always learning from the realities of life.

Do not allow our minds to be filled with mere imaginary worlds. And do not live a life filled with mere imagination. Strive to achieve a world of great idealism and then accept life as it already is. We should be able to get used to going through and maturing life, a true friend also does not want to be perfect for our needs, a loyal wife does not want to be able to be perfect to be the person we want.

That is why we must learn to get used to life, therefore we should respect each other and get closer to each other to forgive each other's mistakes, confirm each other, and take the easiest, after that accompanied by accompanying each other leaving difficult problems. Sometimes we must pretend - pretend not to know the mistake and sometimes we must forgive the mistake that is naturalized in reality in life.

God willing. I personally and my family forgive everyone who has ever been hurt, because I do not think there is any point in retaliating for the hurt they inflicted on me and my family, because instead of taking care of them they waste our time. Therefore, do not waste our time wasted free just to repay our hurt and again if repaying the hurt is not good because it will increase the number of our sins.

I also want to reply to them if only with my revenge make them change better, but what I think otherwise, I first learned their lifestyle before replying, it turns out they are not consequential and unethical so it is free to be served with argument, if argument I am ready to accept defeat if I feel defeated, but once I consider if their argument loses it will certainly not admit defeat but will even get crazier.

An example! I did something and according to them what I did was wrong, so I asked please teach me not to make mistakes. They are just silent and unable to give any clue - what is supposed to be useful, so in my opinion such an attitude is not human, because the nature of the human being if he has dared to blame others means he is able to give guidance for the good of the person he has blamed.

In fact, for me it is very easy to answer their insults (mockery / insults) by saying my motorcycle is stupid, and I do not deny it, it is true that they say that my motorcycle is stupid (motorcycles are not suitable for anything else for long distance travel). So from that I answered can you give me a new motorcycle with your money. They can not answer just silent like? . . . . .

In my opinion it is not human, because if it is human nature it dares to take responsibility for its own words. Like the example "your motorcycle is already this bottle I replaced with a new motorcycle with my money" (that is just the name of the person responsible for his own words).

Message from a salted fish trader
Acknowledgments from Me

I'm silent doesn't mean I don't dare. I just feel you will not be able to answer it and will not be able to do anything if I mock / insult you (serve). Example:

If I think I was wrong please show me the way to the truth so I don't do anything wrong?

If you think my motorbike is stupid please give me a new motorbike with your money?

If you think I am poor because the income from the stringed fish / salted fish trade is only a fraction (a little income) please give me a job area with more than enough income?

If you think I'm stupid please teach me free so I can be smart?

If you think I am a despicable person then please give me help with the degree of honor you have?

So if you are a human being responsible for your words, are you able to take responsibility for it?

The answer, of course, is tulalit? So from that reason I don't dare to serve people like that. We are sorry that there are mistakes not (people like that) but animals like that, because if that person is a human being is responsible for his words.

Here it is clear that if I serve (serve) them it means I am the same animal as them. (Hopefully the person concerned reads it).

I want to thank you for your visit and support, especially the Americans who were at the top of their visit, not to forget the other citizens who have supported me. I hope that God will reward you, for your support with good things, Aaminn.

I really hope this article can help my family's economy, and I also apologize for my very bad English and a lot of my writing is messy / disorganized. Thank you very much.

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