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Here are some examples of wisdom God

God does not accept someone's faith if he still does not believe in what is in every creature and in His creation as a sign of God's power and existence. So suggest that someone can make his feelings sensitive to this problem. Moreover, all human beings who have not reached a high level of consciousness so that they are more aware, think more and remember God a lot.

God's power is clearly visible in His creation, is clearly visible in all of His creations and God's wisdom can be seen without being hidden. A heart that cannot see the signs of God contained in anything, is truly a blind heart.

God has warned us to study what is in this universe. Nature itself really attracts the view, people who do not believe in God and people who believe both study it seriously there is no difference for both of them in seeking knowledge.

The fundamental difference lies in the use of reason and its laws in reaching something that is behind this universe, there is also the stagnation of sensory sight without using reason and just believe.

Although there are many verses in the Koran that mention that in the universe there are signs for those who know for those who think, there is also a mention that in the universe there are signs for those who are intelligent, which shows that using laws reason is one of the requirements to know the verses of Allah.

Thus every cosmic phenomenon does not become our only knowledge. Believers and unbelievers alike know this knowledge. It's just that the difference is: we explain everything that happened based on the legal certainty of reason and logic, whereas they reject this interpretation without any evidence.

Like two architects in front of a very magnificent and beautiful building, both of them both know every corner of the building with knowledge from how to design it to how to build it. It's just that one of them both ensures that this building was originally realized without an expert who has knowledge and creative power, with high wisdom wisdom and other skills to make this building happen. Others argue rationally and it has become an axiom that this building must have been created by the presence of an expert and highly capable.

A fairly simple problem is as follows: When the first person rationally discusses his opinion, he says "I will prove someday how this building stands by itself," while human reason is straightforward showing that the longer the time will provide more detail about the matter of building which shows us who its creator is clearer and more precise. Forever the law of axioms will never be refuted.

Every time the secrets of nature are revealed, it is every time that he will show the existence of God. The phenomenon that we are currently studying, the phenomenon of wisdom, is a very good witness to what we have mentioned earlier. Ordinary people will see that in this realm there is wisdom of wisdom, so they can know God the Most Wise. Every time a person increases in knowledge, he increases his knowledge about this wisdom, because that knowledge is the opening of the secret to wisdom.

Actually the tragedy felt by believers today is the cry of those who do not believe in science when they are in error and say that the believers do not know anything. They then raised accusations that most believers today know little about world science. It is time for the believers to know more about the phenomena of life in the world, to start making sure that the step that with more knowledge will deepen their faith.

They say about wisdom, that wisdom is putting something in its place in relation to nature, wisdom is something that has been right in its place so that nothing is better than where it is today. That is the reality of nature, everything that is in it has certain wisdom, both divided and assembled / clustered. Humans will get the truth that will clearly say in his language, "My condition like this is according to the most appropriate wisdom".

Here are some examples of wisdom God

If there were no deaths, what would have happened? If only a pair of mosquitoes escaped their young without dying, in five years the mosquitoes would form a layer around the earth as high as 5 cm. These are just the species of living things that exist on this earth. What if all living things gave birth without dying? From here we understand the wisdom of illness, the wisdom of causing disease in the form of bacteria, viruses and others. There was someone who said, "Wouldn't it be great if people died without getting sick?" Or if only death by one disease, then when he is sick it is the end of his life? "They have lost the wisdom of pain, the wisdom of warning, the wisdom of seeing and learning lessons from the realities of life.

Something that is excreted from the human body could fill the world if there were no bacteria and other influencing factors in changing and destroying this human "waste". From this we can understand the form of something that humans initially considered unnecessary. Sometimes the form of something will serve another purpose. That's wisdom.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all living things were beautiful, so that there were no frightening creatures in this life? Actually this phenomenon is a high wisdom. Having fear is a lesson. With fear, humans become aware of the warning, further developing their abilities to avoid what they fear. It is enough to become a wisdom for humans by seeing the extraordinary creatures that Allah created with His power.

Some ask that even ugliness has a silver lining? Does that hurt too? Isn't justice better than cruelty and gentleness better than violence? Is faith better than unbelief? better than ignoring it? Therefore, what is the wisdom of these shortcomings, even though without them it could be better?

Until they ask, why did God create evil? Until they say that the existence of evil on earth is proof that there is no God, because God is supposed to be good and something that comes from Him must be good. This is it! We love knowledge and wisdom about all things. We'll also ask questions until we find out or try to find out. This does not mean that knowledge of wisdom is not sufficient to lead us to the conclusion that wisdom does not exist. If you have a question to God, "Why did you do it, O Lord?" This question should not be asked. A person with knowledge would not ask this question, unless that person was either stupid or didn't know God. A person who knows that if he does something based on knowledge, will not be asked by an ignorant person.

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