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Creativity Phenomena in the Universe

Creativity Phenomena in the Universe

Don't you see a painting that is admired by humans? Why do humans know it so well? Of course you will say that the creations created in the paintings, the expressions of expression, the panoramas, the harmony of the colors, the shadows, the interactions and doubts of the painter with the objects do create an amazing impression. Almost the same as the scenic beauty of the paintings.

Then you will comment in awe, "wow, what a painting". doesn't it cross our minds, that right now we are standing in front of a great creation with a view that exists in nature? Don't think about the tremendous creations that have been created in this world? Or is it because they are so fameliar, then blind human eyes to be able to see nature?

If you really contemplate and contemplate you will find that beauty and creation will appear in harmony with everything in nature: Colorful stars, clouds, blue skies, rainbows, scattered everywhere their order, architecture and movements , the moon that appears when it is full, when each is in the shape of a crescent or when it is right in the middle of its orbit, the sun when it rises and sets, morning and evening, the beauty of the day, all of these are omnipotent creations.

A great artist is able to describe all parts of this nature in one moment carefully and precisely. As for this nature in every corner of its scenery that is repeatedly seen, changing and changing its beauty can give an impression to the human soul at all times with joy at the beauty of this nature.

Each tree leaf that is neatly arranged is a perfect arrangement with lines beautifully. Those beautiful lines and creations are not handmade by humans, but have become a leaf tradition in themselves. More and more will find more beautiful in flowers. With amazingly beautiful designs, various colors with varying shapes as the special characteristics of each flower, with their beauty and color harmony. Will feel a new feeling when looking at these flowers. It's amazing when these flowers gather with the same sex and it will be even more beautiful if the flowers are gathered with other colorful types.

Such is the beauty of the leaves, flowers, fruits, twigs, branches and trunks of the tree, which is a wonderful creation, whether alone or in the company of others.

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Green bees, rivers, towering trees, vast fields, mountains covered in snow or a sky that looks blue in the sky, sand dunes that are so vast in the desert, sea water surging into waves -the small waves on the beach, the roaring sound, the rustling of the water, the wind whistling and whispers, the sound of thunder, the glint of lightning, aren't they all beautiful, amazing, fun, even though sometimes scary?

Birds flying over the sea, on bees, in the sky running from the chase of hunters or occasionally perching on the hands of their keepers, matching colors, attractive shapes with a variety of amazing models in each of their beautiful feathers, each strand that invites power its pull, its wings which sometimes expand and clasp in an up and down motion, really make this heart peaceful and pleasant.

A snowflake has various architectural forms with circular lines in each element with an interesting combination with a variety of isolated and clustered elements, which are strewn about and lumpy like small globes, clouds. gathered, the face of the moon with its freckles, all of it absolutely beautiful and truly amazing, whether seen with a microscope, a pair of binoculars, or with the eyes without tools.

There is beauty everywhere in a buffalo, cow, camel, sheep, dog, cat, goat and in everything that God creates, has its own beauty. When looking for food, ketrika is resting, while it is walking or when it is silent. The undulating movement of seaweed and fish in the depths of the ocean, as well as the undulating movement of land grasses when blown by the wind. In a fractured bone that is being treated, in a painful wound when the skin is slipped, in a heartbeat, in the bloodstream, which is then treated after damage, in pollen pollen, in bees that suck on pollen, in butterflies which comes in the season of flowers, at the transfer of the stamens of ladybirds, on pollination, at the change of seasons, at marriage, the tug of war between the partners, in every being that exists is indeed an amazing creation.

The compatibility we see in every creature, the connection to each other's body organs, the connection of color with those organs make it very appropriate, all of which are the result of creation that shows the Creator.

All that is only for the inhabitants of the earth until man knows God with His asthma so that man can give thanks to him and worship him with love and longing. Because it is made a perfect feeling in the human being, a feeling of love for beauty. That is a wonderful creation if human beings really realize it.

Man is also given the ability to think, look and feel, so that he can feel the beauty, hovering his imagination from beginning to end, remembering in a flash the thousands of images of life with his imagination, able to interact with everything, love and envy, love and hate, able to plan a development or even destruction, so that it can be this life as art and meaning it as a tool.

All of them are amazing creations, both found in the human soul and visible at birth know everything related to it. Sometimes a human being describes a beautiful painting, then the beautiful painting is created, sometimes a human person describes a bad painting, then the painting is created. Both of them remain a creation that is good creativity. In this world there is also something beautiful and something more beautiful, something bad and something even worse.

But all of that is still a creation and the creation is so obvious that we will not be able to see something beautiful if nothing is bad, or we can not see something more beautiful if nothing is beautiful.

The variety of shapes will produce a variety of meanings and encourage the growth of creativity, so it will be more creative ability. Therefore, let us not lose consciousness when looking at a creation, but do not know who the Creator is, receive his favors and then forget the one who gives favors, feel the beauty and do not fill the heart with love for the Creator of this beauty.

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