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Attributes of suffering individuals

Beforehand I apologize, because my English is very bad

The attributes of the suffering individual are as follows:

As his insight developed he became more and more selfish, his error turned out to be neither really good nor bad and his insights were useless. His heart is hard, his tendencies turn out to be unpleasant and his character turns evil.


When his finances were improving, it turned out that he became more selfish, looked down on others, and consistently respected himself. He felt that I was a successful person while others failed.

Age is growing, but he wants more property and position. So he was stuck taking advantage of his own existence, without often thinking about others. His heart did not move at all, by the various fiascos that occurred.

He was completely unaware, of that shocking incident, when his money was always increasing, he turned out to be even more stingy. His spirit dries up, because the worshipers of his hands think less and less about good deeds and the face lacks brilliance.

When his economic welfare developed he was increasingly worried about the people around him, even selfish, his longing sporadically he got the opportunity to show off.

When the devil realized that God would not leave His workers to fallen demons and criminals would not have control over him, the devil swore. Therefore, God would not offer Satan a chance to rule over His receiving workers.

Since then they have been consistently under guaranteed care insurance and consistently under beauty overflow. If one of His workers could be executed by His enemy, like a criminal killing someone who carelessly ensured himself then it was commonplace.

Since then it has shown that we have been limited by absent-minded thoughts, desires and anger. Satan's attainment to enter the human spirit from three entrances, this despite the fact that they have been closely watched implies that they are actually showing our carelessness.

Or on the other hand, arguing that our spirits have been limited by desire and anger, so it is very easy for demons to dominate humans and control them freely. Prophet Adam, himself as the predecessor of man, was the easiest and most intelligent creature. All things considered, Allah's enemies continued to follow him until in the end, Prophet Adam was caught in Satan's snare out of shame. Especially with individuals who cannot be lenient and understanding.

Whoever has reasons of desire for fixation and purpose consistently follows the control of the minds of the ancestors, then his situation is like a drop of foam in the sea. Nevertheless the enemy of God will not attract a true follower other than only briefly when he fails to remember. So he fell into it because he believed that he would not meet his Ruler.

Such a brief opportunity would be taken advantage of by the criminal to then give him the power to go further and destroy him. Truth be told if a worker is patient and knows the gist of all things considered, he will surely find that Allah's simplicity, leniency and forgiveness will be consistent, and Satan will leave.

Today is ours_The best exploits to do to achieve the happiness of life to do useful things to get to heaven, in the universe. The person who is most fruitful is the individual who has inner and outer contentment and harmony. Individuals who have a healthy way of life in this world are lucky and out of reach for genuine happiness.

The way to achieve these two things, we have to take the ma'rifat way, with the smart individual way. Ma'rifat is an individual with a spirit. They can turn dissatisfaction into progress, who are ready to turn problems into ease, who are ready to turn misery into satisfaction, ready to turn torment into happiness, and so on.

In a perfect world together we always read useful things, for us we will be important to others and be glorified before God. Familiarize yourself with a lifestyle that likes to read by looking for something useful, so maybe we will get tremendous strength to be awakened and empowered to climb. Besides fighting forever and being persuaded to do your best.

Some people effectively adapt to the introduction, in this way arriving at the pinnacle of contentment and perfection in life. However, some others failed in order to make them despair.

Persuasive Sentences so that life is better

I am determined to develop myself. From now on I must not say dirty, terrible, cruel, oppressive and ignorant. Today I need to clean my heart / conscience and body. Today it is impossible to repeat the mistakes that I would have made. Today I have to act as the guidelines indicate. Today I live, today I need to clean my body and soul and make my appearance beautiful. Today I have to be basic in my ways. Today I live, I must really do a deed of respect.

Today I will have the opportunity to play the most ideal of love, read useful books, learn something valuable. Today I am alive I need to instill great qualities in my heart. I need to get rid of the evil seeds that caused my destruction. I stopped being arrogant, selfish, riya, hasud, jealousy and stopped other people. Today I live, I have to be a valuable individual to others. I need to do what's best for everyone, I need to visit them, offer attitudes to people who need guidance, offer food to passionate individuals.

Now is a true day, I need to make sure the individuals who are being persecuted, I need to help the weak, I have to value the researchers, value the younger individuals, the more established individuals than me. Now is the day that I live in real life, a past that continues to end, that has set with the evening sun, I will not cry over the memory, I will not think about it again, will not remember in any case, briefly remember the fact that the past has leave me, while I when all said and done will not return to the past at that time.

Tomorrow you are still in the hidden, I will not be willing to dream, sell myself with dreams that are not authentic. I will not rush tomorrow's appearance, tomorrow is not the reality at this time, because tomorrow has not been created and cannot be referenced.

End This is a very beautiful articulation of the mystery of happiness. Practice to have the choice to appreciate life in this day without a doubt, our spirit and body will be big, we will be smart individuals will get happiness without any problems.

I hope my doodle is useful.

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